Sejdiu & Qerkini, L.L.C. is a law firm that prides itself in fostering a personally and professionally nurturing environment for young professionals. The firm is always looking for young talent that desires to challenge themselves professionally by joining our team and paving their path to a bright professional future. If you think you are up for the challenge, please contact us.


Sejdiu & Qerkini, L.L.C. offers a collaborative environment for local and international attorneys looking to grow their practice. It is a firm where all attorneys pride themselves in growing professionally, but at the same time, having the support of a larger team to handle larger and more complex matters. Any attorneys interested in joining our team should contact us and we will seriously discuss potential cooperation.


International Strategic Partnerships

Sejdiu & Qerkini, L.L.C. has in numerous occasions cooperated on major projects and matters with the largest international firms and companies. We are proud of these relationships that we have created as well as the results we have achieved. The firm is always looking for potential cooperation with partners from around the globe in tackling challenges in Kosovo and abroad.