The values listed below guide our everyday work. Sejdiu & Qerkini, L.L.C. takes pride in setting itself apart by holding itself to a much higher standard with regard to client relationships, services Sejdiu & Qerkini, L.L.C. provides and compliance with the highest of ethical standards.

with the Client

Our primary goal is the Clients’ full satisfaction with the services and support that we provide. We are happy to consider Sejdiu & Qerkini, L.L.C. the Clients’ partner in achieving their objectives in Kosovo and beyond. Sejdiu & Qerkini, L.L.C. has made its partnership with its clients its strategic mission, which has resulted thus far in the creation of long term relationships with many Clients and Clients’ full satisfaction with endeavors in which Sejdiu & Qerkini, L.L.C. has participated. Part of Clients’ satisfaction with Sejdiu & Qerkini, L.L.C. stems from the fact that Sejdiu & Qerkini, L.L.C. tailors its services to the exact needs of the Client and considers every Client unique and relevant, regardless of size, origin or engagement. Simply put, Sejdiu & Qerkini, L.L.C. is not satisfied unless the Client is satisfied!



Behavior within the strictest of ethical standards has always been Sejdiu & Qerkini, L.L.C. approach. This is especially difficult in the legal environment in
which we operate here in Kosovo, however, Sejdiu & Qerkini, L.L.C. is a staunch believer in doing what is right and improving the overall justice system in Kosovo by
leading by example. With that said, Sejdiu & Qerkini, L.L.C. has served as a model law firm for always operating within the strictest of ethical standards.



Our quality assurance system requires that each partner, attorney, jurist
or staff member maintains objectivity and independence on each
assignment engaged. We have procedures in place to ensure that each
personnel before the assignment formally discloses any matter that
could compromise independence whether it is personal, financial or
other interest.



Our internal procedures are clear to all our personnel that the
attorney-client privilege is sacred, during and after engagements. Each
staff signs a confidentiality agreement not to discuss matters relating to
the engagement with anyone outside the project, and to ensure full
compliance, this obligation is enshrined in our employment contracts as
well. The personnel are allowed to discuss client related matters only
with the team members engaged on the specific engagement.


Ongoing development

As part of profession with continuous changes, all of our partners,
attorneys, jurists and staff member are required to maintain their
competence through formal trainings and on- the-job trainings,
including but not limited to the continuous legal education.