Corporate &

Sejdiu & Qerkini, L.L.C. is one of the leading firms in Kosovo with regard to offering its clients general corporate services, corporate governance advice, and transactional support. Our firm serves the legal needs of all business entities, structures and organizations, public and private, including handling all significant as well as day-to-day matters and issues, such as commercial contract review, advice, drafting, negotiations, and so on. Also, Sejdiu & Qerkini, L.L.C. advises business clients on a wide range of governance issues, advising boards of directors, managers, officers, shareholders, and stakeholders. Moreover, our attorneys have advised clients on some of the largest transactions that have occurred in Kosovo, including but not limited to M&A, major asset purchase, financing deals, partial business transfers, joint ventures, major development deals, etc.

Litigation, Appeals, Constitutional & ADR

Sejdiu & Qerkini, L.L.C. has earned the reputation as a premier litigation firm in Kosovo. Since its earlier days, it has been known as a firm whose attorneys can tackle complex and significant disputes successfully and efficiently. We assist businesses, organizations and individuals with resolving challenging controversies in a very challenging justice system. We have successfully handled matters for clients in trials, bankruptcy, appeals, constitutional court, and through alternative dispute resolution in Kosovo and internationally.

Regulatory & Government Affairs

Sejdiu & Qerkini, L.L.C. clients operate in various fields and are often subject to regulation by economic regulators. In that vein, we have represented clients in a broad range of regulatory matters, from licensing and approvals to various administrative challenges. Sejdiu & Qerkini, L.L.C. has represented clients’ interests before most economic regulators in Kosovo, including matters in banking and finance, competition, energy, water, and so on. Moreover, it maintains solid relationships with all other state institutions that impact business activity in Kosovo.

Employment & Labor Law

Sejdiu & Qerkini, L.L.C. offers employment and labor law services to some of the largest companies and foreign missions operating in Kosovo. We not only provide employment and labor law litigation, but also consult and advise clients on inter alia drafting of employment contracts and employment/HR manuals, legal management of employment relationships, drafting of HR decisions, compliance, labor inspectorate matters, and the like.


Sejdiu & Qerkini, L.L.C. has had substantial success in serving as a remote compliance department for some of our larger clients. Kosovo business environment tends to be challenging for businesses wanting to operate within all legal bounds, and as such, their partnership with Sejdiu & Qerkini, L.L.C. has proven to be a successful formula.

Criminal Defense

Sejdiu & Qerkini, L.L.C. attorneys provide criminal defense services in high-profile cases, involving but not limited to charges on war crimes, corporate criminal defense, white-collar crime, corruption, and so on. Our attorneys are notorious for vigorously defending the accused’s rights and the successes they have achieved in these complicated and very sensitive cases.

Pro Bono & Strategic Litigation

Sejdiu & Qerkini, L.L.C. was founded with the idea that practicing law is not only a business, but is also a professional duty toward the society in which we operate. In that regard, Sejdiu & Qerkini, L.L.C. has proven itself to be a leader in providing pro bono and strategic litigation services to clients that need zealous representation at little or no cost. In this regard, some of the most notable cases in Kosovo have been handled by Sejdiu & Qerkini, L.L.C. attorneys, addressing societal and rule of law issues such as domestic violence, adoptions, human rights, prosecutorial and judicial accountability, freedom of speech, transparency and access to public documents, and so on. Our team is committed to the idea that we serve our clients, but also, our community as a whole.